Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Solution : Can't quit Packagekit - adding software package in OpenSuse 4


We can't run 2 updaters at the same time so if packagekit is running then you can't run Yast update or zypper.

So, it will through confirm message to stop packageKit process.
PackageKit is blocking software management.
This happens when the updater applet or another software management
application is running.
Ask PackageKit to quit?

if you click on 'Yes', it will try to stop the process of packageKit. If it is still busy, it will again arise the popup with this message.
 PackageKit is still running (probably busy).
Ask PackageKit to quit again?

Again click 'yes'. If it won't stop the process, follow the below method to kill the processes.

Kill the process using following commands.
sudo killall -KILL packagekitd
Make sure you are in super user mode. Just run this command in Command line Interface (CLI).

It will kill all currently running packageKit processes.

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